Tips to a great dermatology appointment

A visit to your dermatologist could be compared to a hot date— You could feel totally comfortable, get nakey, and walk out with a glow!

Here are some doctor appointment do’s and don’ts to make sure your visit exceeds your expectations, and never leaves you feeling awkward or unsatisfied!

1) The first step to having a great appointment is picking the right doctor. Always make sure your doctor is a board-certified dermatologist in good standing with the American Academy of Dermatology.

2) Decide in advance what your main questions or topics of interest are and be upfront about what issues you want to address during your initial intake with the doc’s assistant. Resist the temptation to add in one extra question as the doc is wrapping up! Often times this is when patients add something that they were sort of embarrassed to mention but your doctor is trying to allocate time for your concerns and the last minute stuff can fluster her a bit! 

3) And on that note, please don’t be embarrassed to bring anything up to your doctor! I promise, we have heard it all and we are NOT judging you! You’ve got sweat issues? No problem! You’ve got herpes on your bum? Don’t worry about it! Toenail fungus? We’ve got you! 

4) Let your doctor look at all of your skin and don’t ever worry about whether or not you have shaved your legs, worn cool undies, washed your hair that day, etc. We do NOT care and probably didn’t shave our legs that day either. 

5) Wash your makeup off before you see the doc so that she actually sees your true skin! 

6) If you have a long list of concerns, understand that it may take more than one visit to address them. If your doc needs more time or needs to schedule a procedure separately, she’ll let ya know!

7) Never feel like you need to find one doctor that meets every need! Good docs are cool with being in a team to take care of you and they won’t feel threatened if you want a second opinion!

Kristen Tepper